Löpande rigg för Albin Delta

Källa: Liros

Storfall 28.8 m. 10 mm
Fock/Genuafall 23 m. 10 mm
Spinnfall 28.8 m. 10 mm
Gajar 20.6 m. 12 mm
Fockskot 4.7 m. 12 mm
Genuaskot 9.4 m. 12 mm
Storskot 32.7 m. 12 mm
Rev 1 9.5 m. 10 mm
Rev 2 11.4 m. 10 mm
Cunningham 3.8 m. 10 mm
Kick 7.6 m. 10 mm
Uthal 7.6 m. 10 mm



  1. Hi,
    my swedish is very poor but obviously we share the passion for our Albin Delta.

    Taking a look at your list, I have some differences re the sizing. In total the diameters I use are 2mm smaller than yours. I use mostly dyneema. Im not so sure about the sheets. Might be I switch back to 12mm here.

    You will find some impressions at my blog albindelta.de.

    Keep sailing 🙂


  2. Hi!

    I actually now have 8mm on all the halyards, but 10 or 12 on the sheets. All the halyards are 8mm dyneema, mostly because 8mm is easier to use with my Lewmar jammers.

    Nice blog you got!

    Keep in touch!


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